The Democratic Party is out of control!

In an unexpected by turn of events, Hillary Clinton assumed the American presidency last week due to a narrow election win that surprised pollsters and most experts. There were mass protests by conservatives during the inaugural weekend as they feared what would happen now that Democrats have gained control of the Senate, House, Presidency, Supreme Court, and 2/3 of state governments in what is now a historic level of one-party dominance over American government. Many on the right see Clinton’s win as clouded by CIA, FBA, NSA, and foreign intelligence agency reports concluding that the communist Chinese leadership illegally helped her win the election by hacking Republican Party computers and releasing fake news through their English-language propaganda outlets. The intelligence agencies have also been investigating numerous well-documented financial and political ties between the Communist Chinese leadership and Clinton and her closest associates.

President Clinton has made US allies in Japan and South Korea very nervous by downplaying recent military aggression by North Korea and China and saying that our Asian security agreements for containing China and North Korea are obsolete. Clinton has suggested that the US could pull out of our security alliance with Japan, South Korea, and other Asian nations if they don’t pay more money to the US and these moves are being celebrated by the Chinese and North Korean leadership.

Clinton’s victory was aided by a surprise press statement by one of her supporters, FBI director James Comey. Shortly before the vote, Comey made an unprecedented (and possibly illegal) public statement publicizing an urgent new investigation of alleged new evidence that Trump had been engaging in criminal behavior. In the end, there was no evidence of wrongdoing, but Comey’s premature announcement in the press had a strong influence upon the few voters who were still undecided at that point and is likely to have made the difference of victory among the well under 1% of the vote in the closest battleground states that gave her the Electoral College victory. Upon seeing Comey for the first time after the election, newly sworn-in President Clinton immediately beckoned to him from across a large White House room in order to shake his hand and pull him close for what appeared to be an intimate whisper in the ear or a peck on the cheek while he blushed and her assembled supporters clapped. This is the man who is in charge of investigating Chinese election manipulation and Clinton’s shady ties with China.

Clinton has broken many decades of precedent in refusing to release her tax returns. Before the election she had been repeatedly claiming that she would release them at a future date, but after winning, her senior advisor reversed course and said that there is no need to release them because, “people didn’t care” even though 73% of registered voters, including a majority of her own party thought that she should release her tax returns like every other presidential candidate since before Nixon.

Clinton’s tax records are particularly concerning because she has taken her assets out of her blind trust and is now known to have her money invested in numerous companies doing business with foreign governments. She says that there is no conflict of interest because she has put her daughter Chelsea in charge of this hidden empire of business dealings, but she has also made Chelsea a senior political advisor and given her top security clearance to know every secret that the President knows and Chelsea is routinely invited to presidential meetings with foreign heads of state so there seems to be little separation between business and politics. Critics have sued Clinton over this conflict of interest because it is a violation of the constitution for government officials to receive personal favors from foreign governments, and without transparency there are constant opportunities for foreign governments to grant favors because they are paying Clinton’s businesses undisclosed amounts of money every day. There are additional opportunities for corruption with domestic business interests that are regulated by the president. Businesses can easily secretly pay bribes to Clinton’s business in order to curry favor. Without full financial disclosure there is no way to know how much bribery is part of routine business deals.

Clinton is already accused of favoring the countries in order to profit her business connections. By executive order, she imposed a “Muslim travel ban” which she claims is to prevent terrorists from entering the US, but she has exempted all the Muslim nations where she does business even though they are the nations that have produced almost all Islamic terrorist deaths in America whereas the majority Muslim nations that she has banned have never produced a single act of terrorism in the US.

Meanwhile, Clinton is making numerous Orwellian statements that are completely detached from reality. She insists that her inauguration crowd was the biggest in history despite ample evidence to the contrary. She even ordered her press secretary to make an easily refutable statement claiming, “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. Both in person and around the globe.” She claims that she would have won the popular vote except that she claims that 3-5 million noncitizens voted for Trump in what would be the biggest case of voter fraud in US history if it were true. Despite the massive scale of the alleged fraud, she is sure that “not one” person voted illegally for her. Oddly, she has been reluctant to call for an official investigation in order to prosecute the massive voter fraud that she claims helped her opponent. One of her senior advisor objects to media reports calling these fabrications lies and claims that Clinton is merely using “alternative facts.” Meanwhile, the Chair of the House Science Committee says that Hillary Clinton is the only source of unvarnished truth and advises that Americans should ignore the media and “get your news directly from the president”. This is an ominous sign for science in the Clinton era because Clinton has already frozen scientific grant funding and ordered that government scientists be muzzled from speaking to the public.

How would you respond to press reports like this?

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