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Bush and his team were SOOO much better than Trump and his team.

Once again I find myself longing for the good old days of the George W. Bush administration which was so much more honest and competent.  And they weren’t racist nor corrupt. Here is Bush’s chief economic advisor on what should

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This month may be the best time in history to look for a job!

One of the oddities of the macroeconomy is the fact that GDP falls wildly every year in the beginning of winter. That means that there is a kind of recession every winter. It isn’t an official recession because everyone expects

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Is the Fed finally thinking about Americans at the median income and below?

Most people think that the president has a lot of power over the economy, but that isn’t true. Presidents have very little direct power over the economy by law. The Fed is the only part of government that has the

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Homeownership rates and severity of financial crisis

The St. Louis Fed produced the above graph showing that nations with higher homeownership rates were hit harder by the 2007 financial crisis and are still dealing with greater aftereffects today. Nations with the most rental properties like Switzerland and

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88 years of unemployment data

Unfortunately FRED has four different somewhat-overlapping data series that must be combined to get the full, long-run picture of the unemployment rate from 1929 to the present. The first data series in light green is undoubtably the least accurate of

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New Monetarism as a third way beyond Hayek vs. Keynes?

David Glasner is a conservative economist who greatly admires Hayek and even thinks that Hayek’s macroeconomic theories have some merit even if they are weaker than many other theories.  He is part of a small band of conservative economists that is

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House prices are crazy overvalued in Canada too

Canada is experiencing the hydrogen zeppelin of all real estate bubbles. It makes the 2008 US housing crisis look like a birthday balloon by comparison.

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