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Mass-shooter drills train potential mass shooters.

Here at Bluffton University, we just did our first annual mass-shooter drill. I think it is political theater at best and harmful at worst. The Washington Post wrote an article that puts the threat of mass-shooters in perspective. People killed in

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Lions, tigers, bears, and deer. Oh My!

Earlier I wrote about the terrorism that is brutally killing 38,000 Americans this year in nightmarish fashion. I have now identified a group is responsible for 200 of these deaths and they are not even legal American citizens. What group sounds more lethal,

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Terrorists are expected to kill 38,000 Americans this year in brutal crushing deaths!

Set the terrorist alert level to red! I’d say that anyone who physically crushes a random American with a heavy metal instrument is a terrorist. Others might just dismiss these deaths as routine traffic accidents, but you should be much

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Is it counterproductive to prepare Bluffton University students for a mass shooter on campus?

Bluffton University is located in a ridiculously safe town compared to the average American town.  My wife lost her wallet twice and both times it was returned by a stranger with all the cash.  My family mostly bikes to get

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