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How to avoid getting murdered by your coworkers

Homicide is the third leading cause of workplace death after vehicular accidents and falls according to the most recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is part of the green bar below which is actually bigger than the

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Policing crime vs immigration?

Do you fear crime? Do you fear terrorism? Do you feel safe? It turns out that the government is much more afraid of immigrant groundskeepers and farm workers than terrorists or violent criminals: Congress… has elected to spend more than

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88 years of unemployment data

Unfortunately FRED has four different somewhat-overlapping data series that must be combined to get the full, long-run picture of the unemployment rate from 1929 to the present. The first data series in light green is undoubtably the least accurate of

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Finding data about places to live, study, and work

Data USA is a great place to access data for people who are thinking about where to go to college, what kind of major/career to investigate, and where to live after graduation. For example, my boys have been most interested

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Many whites are uneasy about becoming a minority in America. It isn’t happening. They should relax.

The media tends to use the narrowest racial definitions in order to stoke anxiety because that brings readers, but those definitions are arbitrary and more inclusive racial definitions are more accurate because the biggest growth is the rise in interracial

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Median income of black men compared with white men in America

Via Kevin Drum. Presumably this is using personal income.  There has been progress towards greater equality in the past half century.  The ratio went from 59% up to 73% over this time, but nearly all of the change happened between

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Occupational licensing is the new unionization

Back in 2011, which kind of license would cost more money to obtain in New York City? A license to practice medicine or a license to drive a taxi cab? A taxi cab medallion cost over $1 million in 2011

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