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The end of the efficiency-equity curve

In rich nations, inequality dramatically dropped during the first decades of the 20th century and although inequality has been creeping up again over the past half century (especially in the US) it has remained lower than it was during most

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Double miracles: corn & nixtamalization

Corn (called ‘maize’ in European English) is a miracle grain that is more productive than any other under a wide variety of ecological conditions. Only sugar cane, rice and potatoes (both kinds) rival corn at producing the most calories per

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Is it dangerous for a business to follow a moral philosophy other than maximize profit¿

Mark Zuckerberg wrote a  6,000-word manifesto on the history of humanity and how Facebook will shape humanity’s future. Zuckerberg’s manifesto has been subjected to a large backlash among the intelligentsia of the internet, and although it has problems, I’m glad he

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The Democrats are out of control. #2: Health status.

The New York Times reports that President Clinton may have lied about her health during the campaign when she claimed that she only takes an aspirin and a single prescription drug. Her doctor revealed today that she has been taking

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Bad stories lead to bad healthcare policies

US Representive Phil Roe is considered an expert on healthcare by his peers. He co-chairs the Republican Doctors Caucus and the Republican Study Committee asked him to come up with a plan to replace Obamacare. In a recent interview about his

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The Democratic Party is out of control!

In an unexpected by turn of events, Hillary Clinton assumed the American presidency last week due to a narrow election win that surprised pollsters and most experts. There were mass protests by conservatives during the inaugural weekend as they feared

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NAFTA not a big deal overall, but huge for a few Americans.

Kevin Drum wrote that NAFTA isn’t a big deal and produced a graph similar to the one below except that he used an inflated measure of trade: gross imports plus exports. Net exports (NX) is a better measure of the

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