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World inequality updates

Last month the World Inequality Lab, located at the Paris School of Economics, released their first World Inequality Report. Here is one result: The top 1% richest people saw their income growth skyrocket and the poorest people in the world

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Peak globalization?

The first wave of globalization happened due to technological advances in transportation and communication that dramatically reduced transactions costs in the 1800s:  Railroads, steel-hulled ships, the screw propeller, telegraph, etc.  Then politicians raised tariffs, restricted immigration, and went to war

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A history of the Corporation – Wonkish

There have always been large organizations that have done the kinds of things corporations sometimes do, but for most of human history, those organizations were were organized as religious hierarchies or governments rather than as for-profit businesses. Businesses were small

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Guns don’t kill people. Alcohol kills people.

Ok, so my title is goofy sloganeering, but it isn’t any goofier than the common slogan it is based upon. Although the US could certainly save lives by copying some of the gun restrictions that all other industrialized nations use,

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The average Canadian became richer than the average American one decade ago.

Most people think that most Americans are richer than Canadians because that was true for most of history, but that ended a decade ago.  The Great Recession of 2008 hurt Americans more than Canadians and the median income in Canada

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What are the cheapest countries to visit? See the Travel Cost Index.

I searched Google for information about what nations are the cheapest for travelers, and although there is a lot of interest about this topic on blogs and discussion forums, I found no good hard data on the internet.  This is

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Census updates median income data

There is a new Census Bureau map showing the median annual household income (averaged over the past five years) shows where America is richer and what areas are poorer.  [Source: U.S. Census Bureau] It is particularly interesting to see the

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