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Will individuals or their employers own their genetic code?

A property right is the right to exclude others’ access to something. It is the right to infringe on others’ freedom. These rights are socially determined and vary greatly across different societies. For example, do you think you should own

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The end of the efficiency-equity curve

In rich nations, inequality dramatically dropped during the first decades of the 20th century and although inequality has been creeping up again over the past half century (especially in the US) it has remained lower than it was during most

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Is it dangerous for a business to follow a moral philosophy other than maximize profit¿

Mark Zuckerberg wrote a  6,000-word manifesto on the history of humanity and how Facebook will shape humanity’s future. Zuckerberg’s manifesto has been subjected to a large backlash among the intelligentsia of the internet, and although it has problems, I’m glad he

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The Democrats are out of control. #2: Health status.

The New York Times reports that President Clinton may have lied about her health during the campaign when she claimed that she only takes an aspirin and a single prescription drug. Her doctor revealed today that she has been taking

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The Democratic Party is out of control!

In an unexpected by turn of events, Hillary Clinton assumed the American presidency last week due to a narrow election win that surprised pollsters and most experts. There were mass protests by conservatives during the inaugural weekend as they feared

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We Pencils

Introduction: This essay is guest authored by a group of pencils.  Yes, we are a bunch of ordinary writing instruments.  Even though any one of us is very dumb, even a group of idiots can produce something much greater than the

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The rust belt isn’t as rusty as the cotton belt.

Trump won the election by swinging several rust belt states. Several pundits have written about the economic struggles of the rustbelt and how that contributed to Trump’s win there. Yglesias argues that these narratives are misleading because the rustbelt isn’t

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