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The cost disease of services

Suppose there are two industries in a nation.  One has rapidly rising productivity growth and the other has stagnant productivity growth.  Which one would tend to grow and see rising wages?  Ironically, the industry with stagnant productivity will probably grow

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Fossil Fuel Propaganda Octopus

It is well known that the fossil-fuel industry has spent millions for many years seeding doubts about climate science, as documented in Naomi Oreskes book, Merchants of Doubt. But later, she discovered that electric utilities started a big propaganda campaign

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Makers, Takers and the Wealth of Nations

Updated Feb/25/2023 There are only two possible ways to get wealth inequality: some people either make more or they take more. Making is positive sum creation and taking is zero-sum redistribution at best or destructive at worst.  Plus there are

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Anarchy, State, and Capitalism

Anarchy is the absence of central government and there are two kinds of definitions. A society without a large-scale government hierarchy that has a monopoly on legitimate force. By this definition, most tribal foraging societies and other small-scale societies have

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Yuval Noah Harari says a simple story can save the planet

NYT: It’s important to have human enemies in order to have a catchy story. With climate change, you don’t. Our minds didn’t evolve for this kind of story. When we evolved as hunter-gatherers, it was never the case that we

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You can’t get no satisfaction from reducing your own personal carbon footprint.

Almost all moral reasoning concerns ideas about how we treat one another (including other sentient beings). Hence, what is moral depends upon what other people do. Driving on the right side of a busy highway is moral (and driving on

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We need a better concept of collective morality to be able to deal with climate change

Suppose God told you that you would go to hell if the median human faith of humanity is insufficient when you die. If the median faith of humanity is good enough, then everyone goes to heaven, but if not, than

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