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US median income finally rises above record set in 1999. Yea!

Kevin Drum reports that the official census bureau measure of: household income is now at an all-time high: And now for the buzzkill portion of this post: this means household income has increased a whopping 0.6 percent since 1999. That’s $22

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Real median wage growth highest in 15 years

The Atlanta Fed regularly publishes a measure of median nominal wage growth for several interesting demographics, but for some reason, they don’t publish any measure that is adjusted for inflation, so I created one using a running 2-month average of

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History of GDP

In 2010, Jon Gertner at the NYT published an excellent history of the idea of GDP and its deficiencies.  One paragraph mentions that median income is better than GDP, but  the article focuses more on a “willfully obscure” initiative called

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How to improve median income statistics

The Obama administration touted news reports like this one from the Washington Post: Middle class incomes had their fastest growth on record last year. The Census Bureau itself was a bit more circumspect because they recognize that there is considerable

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Economic Innovation Group & medianism

I commend the Economic Innovation Group for using median income rather than mean income to create their Index of Distressed Communities. They created a beautiful map of their Distressed Community Index where the old slave states and rural areas of

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A mmutilitarianist world map

If you make the area of each nation proportional to its share of world GDP, this is what you get: This is a pretty realistic picture of how markets view the world. Markets are mmutilitarian and care about maximizing the

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A new indicator of economic development: How many years would you work to buy your life?

Although most people find it distasteful to put a dollar value on human life, people have been doing it for centuries and these judgements have always had a big impact on people.   Before the 1960s, the motivation for putting an

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