Who Is This Medianist?

Jonathan Andreas is an Associate Professor at Bluffton University who received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He majored in American Studies at Grinnell College and he did not become interested in economics until after he spent three years teaching, volunteering, and bicycle touring in Asia and Latin America where he became fascinated with the dramatic differences in the lives of ordinary people across arbitrary political borders like the Rio Grande or the Strait of Malacca.  He lived in a Mexican neighborhood in inner-city Chicago for a dozen years where he worked in a welfare-to-work urban gardening program called GreenCorps and as the information systems manager for the University of Chicago GSB alumni office. Then he went back to school for his Ph.D. where he began researching the origins of mutilitarianism for his dissertation on the history and epistemology of the ordinal revolution in economics. jonathanandreas


I am better at public speaking than at writing and I have presented about medianism for several academic conferences including the History of Economics Society, the Midwest Economics Association and The IARIW Conference in Seoul Korea.  I have also presented for general audiences at Bluffton University, Ohio Northern University, Haigazian University (Beirut), Casa De Los Amigos (Mexico City), and Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) in Winnipeg, Canada.  If you are interested in hosting a lively presentation about medianism or another topic I write about here, please let me know and if I have time in my schedule, I may be able to give a presentation in exchange for my travel costs.  Promote medianism!

Blog Policies

I mostly write blog posts as a kind of journal to develop my thoughts about current events and readings I would like to remember.  Most blog posts have little to do with medianism per se.  For example, every semester I write or update posts that focus on class topics I am teaching. This website has both ‘pages’ and blog ‘posts’ which are structured differently.  I plan to edit the pages over time to try to improve them because they are intended to be a more organized set of reference information.


My employer, Bluffton University, has no responsibility for my views stated in this website, and because I am a tenured professor, Bluffton University has little recourse about them.  I mainly teach mainstream perspectives in economics, but I occasionally supplement the curriculum with a few readings on this website. Most of my colleagues at Bluffton would probably agree that medianism is a modest improvement over the conventional mmutilitarian approach to ethics in economics, but that isn’t saying much.  None of the ideas on this website have any official connection to Bluffton University nor any other of my previous schools or employers.