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Bad stories lead to bad healthcare policies

US Representive Phil Roe is considered an expert on healthcare by his peers. He co-chairs the Republican Doctors Caucus and the Republican Study Committee asked him to come up with a plan to replace Obamacare. In a recent interview about his

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A new indicator of economic development: How many years would you work to buy your life?

Although most people find it distasteful to put a dollar value on human life, people have been doing it for centuries and these judgements have always had a big impact on people.   Before the 1960s, the motivation for putting an

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The math behind whether condoms cause teen pregnancy

Via Sarah Kliff, I see that a new research paper found that schools giving out free condoms had a 10 percent increase in teen births.  This is contrary to the past studies I have seen which show that free birth control led to fewer pregnancies

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The most important medical advance of the past century

Antibiotics revolutionized medicine, but it is likely that no single antibiotic caused as big of a drop in deaths as a simple over-the-counter medicine that you have probably taken it at some point without appreciating how revolutionary it is.  It treats the ailment that was

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The freaky economics of socialist healthcare in Britain

Below is an excerpt from Think Like A Freak, by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Shortly after the publication of Superfreakonomics [2009], while on a book tour in England, we were invited to meet David Cameron, [the Leader of the Conservative Party] who would

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Textbook examples of ‘moral hazard’ are not morally hazardous

I opened a copy of James Henderson’s 2012 Health Economics & Policy textbook today and saw a criticism of 3rd-party insurance payment illustrated by this example on page 7: Spending Somebody Else’s Money A Wall Street Journal article [by James P.

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“Rationing” is not a rational objection

There are two dictionary definitions of the verb ration in which one person directly affects the consumption of another. to supply something equitably. to control the amount an individual can use. The first definition means to give something for free and It would be odd to object

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