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How do people get the coronavirus?

There are two likely ways that infected people transmit the virus to infect healthy people. Mucus like saliva and snot. These are primarily expressed two ways: As droplets that spray into the air when people cough and sneeze. This is

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Mike Pence promised 1.5 million coronavirus tests by today. We only got 2,000.

Over a week after I first became alarmed at how shockingly inept America’s covid-19 testing has been, today I’m finally seeing a lot of journalists investigating the problem. As Brian Resnick and Kylan Scott report: Here’s a big, discomforting fact

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Other countries can keep track of coronavirus testing. Why can’t the USA?

Here is a table from Karen Hustler showing how many people have been tested in a selection of nations. The USA is at the bottom of the list having done the worst job (as far as we know from the

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How many Americans have been tested for Covid-19? For some strange reason, nobody knows.

Alexis Madrigal wrote yesterday that, The Official Coronavirus Numbers Are Wrong, and Everyone Knows It: In total, fewer than 500 people have been tested across the country (although the CDC has stopped reporting that number in its summary of the

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America’s CDC is being willfully ignorant about coronavirus spread.

Updated 2/28/20 Officially we only have 60 cases of covid-19 in the USA, but as of Wednesday, February 26, we have only looked for the virus in a total of a mere 445 Americans out of our population of 330

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The addictive dangers of modernity

For all the millennia of history before modern times, humans had very few options for entertainment and recreation. Food was bland, drugs were scarce, more time was spent making music than listening to it, and most social interaction was done

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Why is health care so expensive in the United States

The International Federation of Health Plans publishes an international cost comparison of common medical services and its most recent compilation looked at prices in 2017. The result answers the question asked by the NYT: Why does health care cost so

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