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Rolling out a new kind of “death panel” claim to try to scare senior citizens

Before becoming president, Donald Trump was a long-time proponent of single-payer health insurance (aka Medicare for All).  That shouldn’t be surprising given that Trump was a liberal Democrat for most of his life until Obama was elected and then Trump’s

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OTC hormonal birth control is a simple way to cut costs and improve health

On the one hand, deregulating the market for the pill would improve health, lower costs, reduce abortion, and eliminate a political football. On the other hand, it would reduce incomes for physicians and drug manufacturers, a small passionate minority thinks

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Optimal pricing of cancer drugs

The Nobel Prize for medicine went to cancer researchers this week who developed immunotherapy drugs that can be miraculously effective, but as Julia Belluz reports, the prize is also a reminder of how expensive the cancer treatments they developed have

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PBM: The healthcare bureaucrats that you have probably never heard of.

Most people have never heard of a Pharmacy Benefit Management company (PBM), but a PBM probably has tremendous control over the kinds of medicines you are prescribed and sets the prices you pay for them. It has been one of

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Progress often means cheaper, not necessarily better

The best clothing you can get is “bespoke” clothing. Bespoke clothing is sewn by hand to fit each individual and because it is custom made, it can be designed with exactly the kind of cloth, colors, and shape that you

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Is the entire US healthcare system worthless?

Most Americans think that our healthcare system is worth spending a lot of money, but there is some research that indicates that it doesn’t make people healthier! For example, Ross Douthat criticized Republicans for not repealing Obamacare because he doesn’t

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Fact checking Vox’s new product placement series. (They blew it on Pedialyte.) has a new series called The Goods whose first article has the kind of journalistic quality (or lack thereof) you would expect in a series that seems to be purely about product placement. The article, by Kaitlyn Tiffany, is about

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