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Sarcasm Marks? ¡¿We Don’t Do No Stinking Sarcasm!

We only have two official punctuation marks that express nuance, the exclamation point for emphasis and the question mark for questions.  This makes writing flat and inexpressive and has spawned the use of emoticons 😉  Writing limits our ability to

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Sarcasm In Chinese

When I lived in China, my sarcasm often fell flat.  The Chinese simply don’t use it the same way as Americans do.  They understand irony and satire, but a short, sarcastic comment was often taken literally.  If we were discussing

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Econobloggers Need Sarcasm Marks

Econobloggers frequently use sarcasm and need better punctuation to make the prose flow better.  For example, Paul Krugman wrote about the debt crisis: “The new CBO numbers are out, and they scream “debt crisis? What debt crisis?”” This would be

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