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Prejudice is inefficient and can hurt the people with the prejudices

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Many whites are uneasy about becoming a minority in America. It isn’t happening. They should relax.

The media tends to use the narrowest racial definitions in order to stoke anxiety because that brings readers, but those definitions are arbitrary and more inclusive racial definitions are more accurate because the biggest growth is the rise in interracial

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Median income of black men compared with white men in America

Via Kevin Drum. Presumably this is using personal income.  There has been progress towards greater equality in the past half century.  The ratio went from 59% up to 73% over this time, but nearly all of the change happened between

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Naming aspirations

If “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” does it matter what names we have? Rafael Cruz thinks so. He is better known by his nickname, Ted Cruz, the 2016 presidential candidate from Texas who prefers a stereotypically Anglo name, Ted,

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Artificial intelligence will dominate more and more of society. Will it be racist and sexist?

Brian Resnick explains research that our systems of artificial intelligence have learned to perpetuate racism and sexism just like people do. “Many people think machines are not biased,” Princeton computer scientist Aylin Caliskan says. “But machines are trained on human

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Racial and gender politics influence Fed governance

The Center for Popular Democracy’s “Fed Up” campaign inspired a letter from Elizabeth Warren and 11 senators and 111 members of the House of Representatives to increase diversity at the Fed.  They complain that: Currently, 92 percent of regional Bank presidents are white,

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Noblesse Oblige

Spiderman has often spoken about the moral principle that power brings responsibility. Clint Hamada CC BY NC  This moral principle is rarely taught in moral philosophy, but it is an important idea that was the basis for the principle of noblesse oblige.  That

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