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Is reading the most efficient way to consume information?

There are bad incentives for journalists to appeal to the irrational knee-jerk emotions  and unfortunately what sells is negativity in news particularly in TV news which prioritizes emotional interviews and vivid images of disasters over less sensationalist issues that are

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Abolish Daylight Wasting Time

Today begins the season of Daylight Wasting Time which wastes daylight for  most Americans. The median American gets out of bed a little after 6:30AM and goes to bed around 11PM according to Jawbone’s sleep sensors. Daylight Saving Time extends daylight

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Why is extreme selfishness funny?

Here is a screenshot of a to-do list that the author undoubtedly meant as a joke, but I wonder why some people would post this kind of thing or find it funny. The first point is being spiteful to his

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#Pence2018: What gay bunnies mean for a Pence administration.

Whereas in 2009 nearly 50% more Americans opposed gay marriage than supported it, as of the latest poll, a mere eight years later, there are nearly twice as many Americans who support gay marriage than those opposed according to Gallop.

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