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Median American wealth still lags many peers

Credit Suisse does an annual analysis of global wealth that I have written about in the past. Today, Paul Neufeld Weaver sent me an infographic showing the distribution produced by, a financial literacy website: (In case the html for

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Best place to work: McDonald’s France

French people like to do things their own way. When they brought McDonald’s to their country, they customized it right down to the famous yellow on red logo that we have in the United States. In France, they like a

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NPR thinks the average American looks like the average Trump supporter

Planet Money and the New York Times’ Ben Casselman teamed up to try to demonstrate that, “Mode, not average, is a better way to find the typical American.” They are wrong. Here is how they set up the issue: MALONE:

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The average Canadian became richer than the average American a decade ago.

Most people think that most Americans are richer than Canadians because that was true for most of history, but that ended a decade ago.  The Great Recession of 2008 hurt Americans more than Canadians and the median income in Canada

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Census updates median income data

There is a new Census Bureau map showing the median annual household income (averaged over the past five years) shows where America is richer and what areas are poorer.  [Source: U.S. Census Bureau] It is particularly interesting to see the

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Great article about replacing GDP

David Leonhardt has a great new article about measuring economic progress. This graph shows the main problem with GDP. It has become completely divorced from the reality for 90% of Americans: By The New York Times | Source: Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel

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Income growth for different age groups in America

The distribution of income deserves more attention. One reason why college seems less affordable is that average real wages for young people have fallen since the 1970s whereas tuition has risen. A lot. Of course, the average college student doesn’t

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