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Median living standards would be higher and inequality would be lower with better zoning regulations

Kevin Erdmann at Idiosyncratic Whisk has done a number of analyses using median income. For example, below are two graphs showing an analysis of the distribution of median income across US metropolitan areas. The three lines on the graphs show that

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Celebrate the highest median earnings in American history (unless your money comes from owning rather than from working.)

The BLS released data Thursday showing that real median full-time workers reached all-time high earnings last year: $347/week. This is cause for celebration, but realistically, it is only 3.5% higher than it was in the 1970s so it is pretty

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How to improve median income statistics

The Obama administration touted news reports like this one from the Washington Post: Middle class incomes had their fastest growth on record last year. The Census Bureau itself was a bit more circumspect because they recognize that there is considerable

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Inequality in South Africa and Ukraine

Consider the economic wellbeing of South Africa and Ukraine in 2003. South Africa’s mean income at $10,400 was 67% higher than Ukraine’s at only $6,220 but Ukraine’s life expectancy was 67.4 years which is 25% higher than in South Africa at 53.7

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Economic Innovation Group & medianism

I commend the Economic Innovation Group for using median income rather than mean income to create their Index of Distressed Communities. They created a beautiful map of their Distressed Community Index where the old slave states and rural areas of

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The median voter’s income is well above the median income

Dylan Matthews compiled a lot of data about the 2014 election including this graph of voter income: Unfortunately, he didn’t divide up the graph according to median income.  That would give a more meaningful comparison because we could see what

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A mmutilitarianist world map

If you make the area of each nation proportional to its share of world GDP, this is what you get: This is a pretty realistic picture of how markets view the world. Markets are mmutilitarian and care about maximizing the

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