Happy Anniversary, Medianism.Org

I started this website a year ago and I have written much more content than I expected: 69,000 words, the equivalent of 276 pages.  Although I haven’t gotten as many total hits as I had expected due to a very slow start that seems to have revealed a Google bias, by now I am consistently getting a handful of daily readers even when I don’t post anything new, and more readers whenever I write a new post.  I have enjoyed looking at the different countries on the map that readers come from, 61 different countries in total:  Map

I was flattered to get comments from Scott Sumner, the “blogger who saved the economy,” and links from one of my favorite bloggers, Brad Delong (reposted at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth) as well as Peter Coy at Businessweek and Michael Hiltzik at the LA Times. Thank you to all the readers, commenters, and others who have contributed to this tiny online community.  I am glad that others have enjoyed parts of my work, but I mainly do it for myself because I have had fun working on this.  I write this as a kind of journal, to discover what I think, and to record ideas that I might want to remember later.  Plus, it is a handy place to put some short articles that I might want to assign for my students to read someday.

At this anniversary, it is time to do some restructuring.  Today I changed the home page of www.medianism.org from the blog to a static home page which introduces medianism because a lot of readers seem to be confused about what medianism is.  Now the main blog page is at medianism.org/blog/.  This month I will be working on pages for a Medianism FAQ to explain more of the core ideas of medianism rather than writing as much about general economics topics on the blog .  I just posted the first essay for the FAQ: What is Mutilitarianism?  I’ll post links to new FAQ essays here on the blog, but the articles themselves will be pages in the FAQ directory rather than located in the blog.

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