What College Degree Is Most Valuable, BS, MS, or MRS?

I used to make fun of some girls I knew in high school who wanted to go to college to find a husband.  We said that they didn’t want a BA degree, but a MRS degree instead.  But in hindsight it isn’t the worst idea for either gender to go to college in part for reasons of marital bliss.  Education and marriage have a lot of correlation.

Recent Census Bureau data show that college-educated parents seem to value marriage more than less educated Americans.  Almost 9 in 10 college-educated parents of kids under age 18 are married and living with their kids.  In contrast, only 64% of high-school dropout parents are married.  Somehow the result is that over 40 percent of births are to unmarried women today.  The marriage rate has certainly been going down, but it has mainly gone down among low-educated, low-income Americans.

Numerous studies have shown that married people say they are happier than single people, which is partly because nobody wants to marry a grump, but seems to also be partly causal.  And married men earn more money than single men.  One study attributed it to married men working harder, but there might also be some discrimination against single men.  Employers prefer happier employees if nothing else.

Education is correlated with all sorts of benefits that are not directly taught in school.  For example, the divorce is significantly lower among college graduates than among those with less education.  And educated people are healthier and live longer.

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