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Good Guys with guns vs. Bad Guys with guns

Updated: 8/7/2019 I’m a pragmatic pacifist who wishes to minimize violence and I accept that some violence might be necessary to accomplish this. Of course, everyone says that they want to minimize violence, so how is a pacifist like me

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The irrationality of obsessing about gun violence

Once again, Vox Media gets the importance of gun violence all wrong. Brian Resneck says, “America’s teens are [right to be] extremely stressed out about school shootings”. No, no, no. Schools are extremely safe places and mass shooters are extremely

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Why are Americans suddenly more interested in gun control? Perhaps because of a 9/11-size spike in gun homicides.

Although I’m a pacifist (and a pragmatic one not a fundamentalist*), I don’t get particularly passionate about gun control because despite the fact that it generally reduces homicides and suicides, because other factors are even more important for reducing homicides. Furthermore,

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Vox’s misleading gun death graph

In the wake of the mass shooting tragedy in Los Vegas, Vox posted an analysis showing that more guns lead to more gun deaths: I was immediately suspicious because I’m living in Guatemala and I am constantly being reminded that

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Mass-shooter drills train students to become future mass shooters.

mass shootings in schools are a form of epidemic and if the bug can be caught from exposure to press reports about mass shooters it can probably be caught from participation in mass shooter drills too.

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Lions, tigers, bears, and deer. Oh My!

Earlier I wrote about the terrorism that is brutally killing 38,000 Americans this year in nightmarish fashion. I have now identified a group is responsible for 200 of these deaths and they are not even legal American citizens. What group sounds more lethal,

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Terrorists are expected to kill 38,000 Americans this year in brutal crushing deaths!

Set the terrorist alert level to red! I’d say that anyone who physically crushes a random American with a heavy metal instrument is a terrorist. Others might just dismiss these deaths as routine traffic accidents, but you should be much

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