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Eliminate “The Middle Class”

The concept of “the middle class” has never been well defined and has outlived its usefulness.  Because we have more precise statistical terms like ‘median,’ we should use them.  Wikipedia’s academic sources demonstrate that “the middle class” is often defined as

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Philanthropy and The “Social Welfare”

Currently there is a scandal over the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups for investigation of whether they qualify for their tax exempt status or whether they are primarily political.  The main issue at stake is whether the groups can

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Econobloggers Need Sarcasm Marks

Econobloggers frequently use sarcasm and need better punctuation to make the prose flow better.  For example, Paul Krugman wrote about the debt crisis: “The new CBO numbers are out, and they scream “debt crisis? What debt crisis?”” This would be

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Introducing Medianism.Org

Economics is sometimes called the Dismal Science because of the dismal ethical implications of the discipline.  Yesterday I was reminded of that when one of my smart students told me that I teach that altruism is impossible.  I do not

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