The Democrats are out of control. #2: Health status.

The New York Times reports that President Clinton may have lied about her health during the campaign when she claimed that she only takes an aspirin and a single prescription drug. Her doctor revealed today that she has been taking two additional prescription drugs for cosmetic purposes. She takes a cancer drug that promotes her hair growth and an antibiotic to reduce her rosacea, a skin ailment that makes her look flushed and sometimes can resemble acne.

This contradicts the oddly-written statement she publicized during her campaign, which claimed that she only took an aspirin and one prescription drug which were both for cardiovascular health. Critics point out that she obviously knew that her earlier press release was lying. If she deliberately lies about issues for no particular reason like this, what else is she lying about that might give her greater personal gain?

Her personal doctor explained that he rushed off her official health statement in five minutes while her limousine waited outside. This could explain its errors, but it doesn’t explain she failed to correct them for over a year. The memo began with a typo and claimed that her blood pressure is “astonishingly excellent” and that she “unequivocally will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency”, but unlike the comprehensive health information that previous presidential candidates released, the statement only gave two somewhat odd health measurements to evaluate these claims: her blood pressure and the blood level of one kind of enzyme which is dramatically low due to a side effect of the hair-growth drug. Were these numbers also untruthful, just like the number of medications that she takes? Why didn’t the Democrats insist that she produce more useful information about her health when she is the oldest president to take office in history?

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