#Pence2018: Trump and Pence will unite the nation in 2018 because liberals and conservatives both agree that Pence is much more honorable and less dangerous.

When Trump first began as president, he was at his peak popularity. As Americans have seen him in action, he has gotten steadily less popular.

Even when Trump was elected, 60% of voters thought that he was not qualified to be president including almost 25% of the voters who supported him. Now even more Americans realize he isn’t qualified to be president.

Many Republicans voted for Trump despite believing that he is unqualified, dishonest, and/or simply dishonorable because they were even more disgusted by the Democrat, and many people who continue to support Trump are simply doing so out of loyalty to their party. This is a mistake because Trump is dragging down the Republican Party and America with it. It is time to recognize that most Americans (of both parties) would be better off if we dump Trump and get Pence (or Ryan) to be president instead. There is no doubt that either of the latter would overwhelmingly win in a 2-way special election against Trump. A more popular president would be good for his own party and good for America too because a democracy is supposed to have leaders who work for at least a majority of their citizens. Encourage your Senator and Representative to do their constitutional duty and investigate Trump’s crimes so we can replace him with Pence in 2018. Let’s see those tax returns Trump promised to show us in 2017. Pence for President 2018! And in the unlikely chance Pence gets dragged down by the criminal investigations too, then Ryan 2018! Another very solid choice that the overwhelming majority of Americans would prefer over Trump.

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