#Pence2018, Because Trump is badness of historic proportions

The New York Times surveyed 170 members of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents and Executive Politics section to rank all American presidents and they placed Trump dead last. Of course, if we just look at the scholars who are Republicans, their rankings are different from the rankings of Democrats and independents, but they too ranked Trump near the bottom. They put him at the fifth worst president in history. That is despite the fact that scholars have a tendency to rank recent presidents much higher than presidents from long ago. For example, Six out of 14 postwar presidents make their top 10. Note that list shown here is just the Republican ranking which just includes three postwar presidents (highlighted in bold) in their top ten.

Abigail Tracy wrote an article that tried to claim that Pence would be a worse president than Trump, but I sincerely doubt her conclusion based upon her own sources. Tracy’s only two sources that actually make the claim are former Trump White House advisors, Omarosa Manigault Newman and Steve Bannon who have reason to be more loyal to Trump than to Pence. I’d hardly trust them to be objective. Tracy also quotes two Democratic Party loyalists who don’t like Pence, but they are Democrats, so it isn’t surprising. Of course they don’t like Pence, but they say nothing about whether he would actually be worse for America than Trump. That is a much harder claim to make.

Based upon the reviews of Trump by presidential scholars, it would require a truly historically bad president to be worse than him and I don’t see any reason to think that Pence would worse than the middle of the pack of the presidents of history. That really isn’t too high a bar to clear. Pence has to be better than Nixon at least and scholars from all parties agree that Nixon was far better than Trump.

Pence for President in 2018.

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