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Unmasking Millionaire Superheroes: Edwin Chadwick and Thomas Southwood Smith

Max Roser has created a treasure trove of unique visualizations of data showing what the work of millionaire superheroes has accomplished over the past two centuries at his personal blog, and at his new site, Our World in Data.  The

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Norman Borlaug, Millionaire Superhero

Norman Borlaug is the first person that I thought of as a millionaire superhero because when he died in 2009, his obituaries usually credited him with saving millions of lives or even a billion lives.  He and his teams of

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Millionaire Superheroes

Do you know anyone who has saved someone’s life?  It is pretty heroic.  The Medal of Honor, is sometimes awarded for saving a single life in a valiant way.  So imagine how heroic it would be to save more than

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