YUGE revelation! The one word Trump hasn’t tweeted in the past 7 months is HUGE! Has public ridicule about it been getting to him?

Zachary Crockett analyzed 7 months of Trump’s tweets at Vox and his top three adjectives have been:

  1. Great (used 415 times)
  2. New (used 227 times)
  3. Big (used 148 times)

The Trumpiest adjective of all is the word “HUGE!” which Trump would probably be inclined to write in all-caps followed by an explanation point. Surprisingly, it didn’t even make the list.  Why is this?  Is it because Trump pronounces it “YUGE” and doesn’t like to express it in writing with the H? Did months of comedians ridiculing his pronunciation cause him to strike it from his vocabulary?  The full analysis is worth reading although oddly there is no mention of the huge absence.

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