#Pence2018: The National Review cuts through Nunes nonsense.

Devin Nunes has proven himself to be more loyal to Trump than he is to America or even to the Republican Party. As Cristian Farias writes:

In the early months of the Trump administration, [Nunes] left no doubt that he was carrying water for the White House — holding clandestine briefings there, freelancing press conferences, and telling Sean Hannity that he was bound by “duty and obligation” to vindicate Donald Trump’s wildest fever dreams about the surveillance state.

Nunes is supposed to be in charge the House’s investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal, but instead he is using his resources to defend Trump. He said he would recuse himself from the investigation after being charged with ethical violations that were referred to his colleagues at the House Ethics Committee, but he stayed in charge and has recently produced a super secret 4-page memo that Trump’s most enthusiastic defenders are trumpeting because it supposedly exposes an anti-Trump conspiracy in the FBI. Jonah Goldberg is unimpressed with the theory that a deep state conspiracy is hiding the 4-page Nunes memo. The memo enthusiasts are claiming:

“corruption” at the FBI and hyping claims from an “informant” of a “secret society” scheming to do . . . something”… Meanwhile, this #ReleaseTheMemo campaign is obviously a PR stunt… I’m actually impressed that congressional Republicans were effective at messaging for once. I wouldn’t have predicted that it would work this well. After all, Republicans insinuating that a memo written by a Republican committee chairman in a Republican-controlled Congress during a Republican presidency is being hidden from the public by some force or entity other than the Republicans strikes me as kind of hilarious. As is the idea that all of these Republicans saw it, but no one leaked [any concrete evidence from*] it… Of course, this stunt — and so much else — will look not just absurd but dishonorable if the memo doesn’t live up to the hype. That’s why I’d caution Republican politicians from taking their cues from President Trump’s Twitter feed or the media platforms that unapologetically fuel his persecution complex.

The simplest way for all of us to avoid this kind of embarrassment would be to just go for Pence in 2018, before the Democrats get a chance to take control of a house of congress and get to take control of Nunes’ committee investigating Trump’s White House scandals. Pence2018.

*Lots of Republicans are leaking about the memo and leaking that it allegedly contains evidence of an FBI conspiracy against Trump, but they just aren’t leaking any actual evidence itself.

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