#Pence2018 for conservative Christians

One of the most surprising parts of Trump fandom has been the large number of evangelical Christians who LOVE Trump. Eighty-one percent of white evangelicals voted for him. It is not surprising that social conservatives voted for Trump over Clinton, but most of Christians I know who voted for Trump did it while holding their noses. I’m surprised about the Christians who are Trump enthusiasts. Because Trump’s unethical nature is constantly causing himself trouble there is a high probability that the Republican-controlled House and Senate will not be able to ignore probable cause to replace him this year and everyone should embrace the inevitable. Regardless of what your first choice is for president, over the next three years the only option is Trump or Pence and Pence is the true Christian favorite. Trump has almost never attended Church in his adult life and although he owes his victory in large part to Christian voters, and is talking more about God nowadays, he doesn’t even know that “One Corinthians” isn’t the name of a book of the Bible. Since becoming president, Trump has only attended church services once for Easter and three obligatory political services: the inauguration, the National Cathedral’s interfaith prayer service, and the National Prayer Breakfast.

In contrast, Pence is a lifelong Christian who reads the Bible religiously. Presidential candidates like to balance their ticket with a VP nominee who will attract people to would otherwise have reservations about the candidate and Pence’s presence did a lot to reassure evangelicals, and now we can have the real thing if all Christians get behind their representatives to do their constitutional duty and bring us Pence2018.

It is only a matter of time. Trump’s political career has always been at risk of collapsing since it began, but somehow has staggered on like a zombie while the rest of us watch in horror. For example, after the Access Hollywood tape showed Trump gloating about his ability to grab women anywhere on their bodies in 2016, we almost got Pence as the Republican nominee according to The Atlantic:

It’s been reported that Pence sent Trump a letter saying he needed time to decide whether he could stay with the campaign. But in fact, according to several Republicans familiar with the situation, he wasn’t just thinking about dropping out—he was contemplating a coup.  Within hours of The Post’s bombshell, Pence made it clear to the Republican National Committee that he was ready to take Trump’s place as the party’s nominee. Such a move just four weeks before Election Day would have been unprecedented—but the situation seemed dire enough to call for radical action.

Already, Reince Priebus’s office was being flooded with panicked calls from GOP officials and donors urging the RNC chairman to get rid of Trump by whatever means necessary. One Republican senator called on the party to engage emergency protocols to nominate a new candidate. RNC lawyers huddled to explore an obscure legal mechanism by which they might force Trump off the ticket. Meanwhile, a small group of billionaires was trying to put together money for a “buyout”—even going so far as to ask a Trump associate how much money the candidate would require to walk away from the race. According to someone with knowledge of the talks, they were given an answer of $800 million. (It’s unclear whether Trump was aware of this discussion or whether the offer was actually made.) Republican donors and party leaders began buzzing about making Pence the nominee and drafting Condoleezza Rice as his running mate…

The furtive plotting, several sources told me, was not just an act of political opportunism for Pence. He was genuinely shocked by the Access Hollywood tape. …The couple was appalled by the video, however. Karen in particular was “disgusted,” says a former campaign aide. “She finds him reprehensible—just totally vile.”…

Trump proved defiant in the face of pressure from party leaders. “They thought they were going to be able to get him to drop out before the second debate,” said a former campaign aide. “Little did they know, he has no shame.”

Unfortunately being utterly shameless worked and we didn’t get Pence then. Trump didn’t think he did anything wrong and his shameless bluster was enough to convince his supporters so he remained the candidate. But imagine how much better the world would already be if we had just had the first year of President Pence. Imagine how much less cringe-worthy it would be to think about Pence giving the State of the Union address next week?

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