Finding data about places to live, study, and work

Data USA is a great place to access data for people who are thinking about where to go to college, what kind of major/career to investigate, and where to live after graduation. For example, my boys have been most interested in attending the three following Mennonite colleges and it is obvious by the numbers of majors that Bluffton University has the biggest emphasis in business, sport management, education, and social work:

Eastern Mennonite University emphasizes nursing with 46% of total degrees. Plus, EMU has a relative emphasis in liberal arts, and peace studies. All of their most popular majors are dominated by female students, so the overall female to male ratio was 2.5 to one.

Goshen College emphasizes biology, music & art, communication & journalism, and environmental science. Although Goshen’s two biggest majors are nursing and business, Goshen’s nursing program is much less dominant than at EMU and its business program is much less dominant than at Bluffton University.

Although my boys haven’t been particularly interested in Bethel College in Kansas because it is so far away, that is the fourth 4-year Mennonite college in the USA, so here are the majors of its 2016 graduates to round out the comparison:

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    Did you accidentally post this before you finished it?

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