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VOX messed up: already has enormous monopoly power

Emily Stewart at made a mistake about monopoly power in America. She wrote that Amazon… could eventually become so big that it can control what shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS charge it, and, in areas where it becomes

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Can stadium owners increase profits by imposing a price ceiling on their hot dog vendors?

How about these prices for food at NFL games: “$35 for a (large) cocktail? $19 for cheese curds? $18 for essentially a Doritos taco?” Although it is tempting to blame stadium owners for the high prices and bad quality, the

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Democratic corporate governance

Are corporations authoritarian or democratic?  Corporations are hierarchical institutions in which workers often feel like they are working within a communist dictatorship, but compared with privately-held companies, corporations are extremely democratic.  A privately-held company can be owned by one person

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Progress often means cheaper, not necessarily better

The best clothing you can get is “bespoke” clothing. Bespoke clothing is sewn by hand to fit each individual and because it is custom made, it can be designed with exactly the kind of cloth, colors, and shape that you

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How to demographically target marketing to achieve persuasion

Charles Duhigg wrote a fantastic article about habits and marketing for The New York Times Magazine based his book entitled Habit.  You should read the whole thing, but below are some excerpts that are most relevant for marketing: Andrew Pole

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How to avoid getting murdered by your coworkers

Homicide is the third leading cause of workplace death after vehicular accidents and falls according to the most recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Homicide is shown in the green bar below which also includes a small number

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Radical political ideas that could make the world better but can’t get political support

Henry George promoted a revolutionary plan for the tax system that economists generally agree would be more fair and efficient, but 120 years after his death, still (almost) nobody cares about his great idea. Pigouvian taxes are another idea beloved

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