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The Fed Finally Adds Median Income To Its Data

I have given formal presentations about medianism in 4 different countries in 2014: the USA, Lebanon, Mexico, and now Canada.  Two weeks ago I presented at the Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) Convention in Winnipeg Canada. A lot of the

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Progressive Taxes Could INCREASE Inequality

UPDATED 2015/01/28 Cathie Jo Martin and Alexander Hertel-Fernandez wrote an interesting article on Vox arguing that progressive taxation increases inequality.  It is a counter-intuitive argument, but their graph gives evidence for it: Their theory is that progressive taxation leads to

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Our Monetary Overlords Want Low, Low Wages

Josh Bivens has the scoop: Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher has a secret paper telling us how to fight inflation: stop progress in reducing unemployment so that nominal wages never grow fast enough to actually boost living standards

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Were “The Good Old Days” in the 1990s Really Better Than Today?

For most Americans, according to official economic statistics, the 1990s were the best of times. Anne Lowry explains: This week, the Census Bureau came out with its big annual report on income and poverty in the United States, and it

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Economic “Recoveries” Are Not benefitting the Median American

Pavlina Tcherneva tweeted a graph last month showing how the macroeconomic policy has increasingly left behind 90% of Americans.  @ptcherneva: I’d like to see the data that generated this graph because it has gotten a lot of attention and I’d

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Doctors Don’t Put Up With Much Moral Hazard From Medicaid Patients

I teach health economics to medical professionals and every year many of them say they perceive greater moral hazard among Medicaid recipients than among the rest of us.  I think this perception is partly due to the way the economics

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Inequality vs Unemployment: Similar Causes, But Different Cures

David Autor has a new paper that he presented at the Federal Reserve conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming last week where he argues that labor-saving robots (and other new technologies) won’t raise unemployment.  This has been a worry at least since the

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