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Economics of Slavery

There is a little bit of research on slavery that is buried in the back of some economics research by Thomas Piketty and Gabriel Zucman (pdf).  The slavery bit alone just floors me. Check out this graph of the total

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AP Fires Up Racial Divide

TV news reporter Ty Batemon interviewed me today for a WLIO segment in response to a recent AP article by Hope Yen that has the ridiculous, meaningless headline, “4 in 5 in USA face near-poverty, no work“. This is meaningless

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Slavery → Racism → Inequality of Opportunity

Last week I visited the National Archives and viewed the original copy of the US Constitution with my family.  I was struck by how the original constitution only contained three explicit rights for individuals: they are freedoms from habeas corpus,

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Racism and The Achievement Gap

This summer, the entire Bluffton University faculty is reading a Ken Bain book as a focus for meetings about improving our teaching, and it has some sections that are relevant to the Bluffton civic engagement theme I mentioned in my

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Affirmative Action and Trayvon Martin

I find Ta-Nehisi Coates‘ writings about racism to be thoughtful and a useful perspective.  I was surprised to read how sanguine he is about the Trayvon Martin verdict.  I don’t know what we can do about racism and racial profiling

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