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Go to college to get an MRS degree.

As a kid I heard the joke that Mennonite women in my mother’s generation went to college to get an MRS degree and indeed, my own mother dropped out of college soon after she got married. Of course, my dad

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Is there a better way to educate smart people?

Alia Wong at The Atlantic reports about a new Harvard study that surveyed roughly 500 economics Ph.D. candidates at eight elite universities, and found that 18 percent of them experienced moderate or severe symptoms of depression and anxiety. That’s more than

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“no other nation has the equivalent of American college sports.”

College football might be in the news because of CTE lawsuits that might end the game, but Saahil Desai at The Atlantic points out other problems with college sports. He argues that college athletics are sucking resources out of our

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(OLD) Marijuana decriminalization vs legalization

See updated post here!

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Democratic corporate governance

Are corporations authoritarian or democratic?  Corporations are hierarchical institutions in which workers often feel like they are working within a communist dictatorship, but compared with privately-held companies, corporations are extremely democratic.  A privately-held company can be owned by one person

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How to avoid getting murdered by your coworkers

Homicide is the third leading cause of workplace death after vehicular accidents and falls according to the most recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Homicide is shown in the green bar below which also includes a small number

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International trade and immigration have been getting more popular since Trump was elected

Today Trump and his allies on Fox News claimed to have replaced NAFTA. In reality, his deal only affects a tiny amount of NAFTA trade and legally only Congress can repeal NAFTA. But Trump’s announcement demonstrates his desire to show

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