A list of notable attempts to go beyond GDP

I have only about three more months left in my sabbatical in which to figure out how to promote MELI as a replacement for GDP.  I have spent much of the past week researching other attempts to replace GDP and just making a list of all the other attempts is daunting, but today I posted a page of the most significant attempts to replace GDP that I know of so far.  It is skewed towards attempts that are the most relevant to the present which means that I have left off a lot of important work that was done decades ago and included some recent attempts that will probably turn out to be fairly trivial to people in future decades.

In this research, I have identified a number of organizations that could be helpful partners in developing MELI and the optimist in me is heartened by seeing the advantages I have due to all the ways in which MELI is different than all the failed attempts.  The realist looks at the failures of governments, foundations, and multilateral institutions who haven’t been able to go beyond GDP and figures MELI doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.  Well, I guess I’m joining a long list of starry-eyed idealists who have been tilting at the GDP windmill.

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2 comments on “A list of notable attempts to go beyond GDP
  1. weafeld says:

    Remind me what MELI is? ________________________________________

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