Why are we so afraid of other nations that can’t even take care of their own shit?

TomDispatch has a great article about the insanity of our military’s spending priorities and the money-grubbing paranoia of the associated defense-industrial complex. It is scary. You gotta read it. At the same time, all rich nations are military allies of the US. The only countries that we are even afraid of are so incompetent that they literally cannot even provide minimally sanitary toilets for all of their people. I’m just talking about a decent pit latrine for goodness sake.

A sanitary toilet is something that everyone gets 100% once mean GDP hits about $35,000. Look at our top military rivals, Russia and China. Pathetic.

Meanwhile, here is what military spending looks like for the big spenders:

The USA simply outspends everyone else by a huge amount, and we really outdid ourselves during WWII.

The following chart shows one estimate for the US share of total worldwide military expenditure. This estimate is a bit on the high end for the US share of the total, but all estimates put the US at far, far above every other nation.

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